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Stall Name Facia Chair Table Tube Light Power Plug Cards Certificate Dustbin
6X6 = 36mtr Y 8 4 Y Y 300 Y Y
9X3 = 27mtr Y 6 3 Y Y 200 Y Y
6X3 = 18mtr Y 4 2 Y Y 100 Y Y
3X3 = 9mtr Y 2 1 Y Y 50 Y Y


POSSESSION OF STALL: Exhibitors can start moving in their materials and setting up stalls one day before exhibition at 2:00 pm.
Please note the authority of the stall will not be handed over to any exhibitors till all the dues are cleared. Organizer will handover stall
possession certificate only after receiving all dues.


– Participants are allowed to remove their products from their stalls only after the official closure of the Exhibition on the LAST DAY. Goods can
be taken out of the venue only after submitting.
– EXIT GATE PASS in duplicate duly signed by organizers. The work of removing the exhibits from the venue must be completed same day.
After this period organizer are free to remove the exhibits at the cost and risk of respective exhibitors.

– Organizers reserves the right to change the Venue, Dates & Duration of the exhibition. In such cases, the liability of the exhibitor to exhibit
shall remain in force, so long as he is informed about the changes by the organizers asap, either by press commercials, by mailers or by
individual communication.
– Organizer also have the right to amend the floor plans or location of the stall allotted to an exhibitor etc anytime before the commencement
of erection of the stalls, if in the opinion of the organizer, such changes are necessary.
– Any such amendments shall not be sufficient ground for participants/companies to cancel their participation and in case of withdrawal from
participation, no refund will be permissible.
– The organizers reserves the right at all time to change the dates of the exhibition or cancel for reasons beyond their control.


1. Participants are not allowed to use space / passage other than the space allotted to them. Similarly, exhibitors will not be permitted to such
product demonstrations which will cause dirty odors / play stereo equipments disturbing other participants. The organizer will decide as to what

constitutes a nauisance and their decision will be binding on the participants.
2. Exhibitors will have to maintain their safety equipments up to date as per the safety regulations (fire fighting). Making arrangements of fire

safety equipments/extinguishers are the responsibility of every individual participants.
3. Participants are not permitted to put their promotional banners outside their allocated stalls.

4. Allocated stall will not be shared or subletted.

5. The stall allotted is only meant for demonstration / display of products. No end sales can be made from these stalls.

6. If any extra electrical load, compressed air, furniture, logistic etc. Needed then exhibitor have to intimate organizer along with space booking form.

7. Participants / their Agents shall not deface any part of the exhibit assets, the booths and its content / equipment and decor. Under those
circumstances, the participant is liable to the owner of the property.

8. All product demonstration or other promotional activities (like circulation of promotional material) must be bound to the limits of the exhibitor’s stall.

9. For Social Cause : Organizer follow No Smoking Policy inside exhibition ground and requests to all the exhibitors not to smoke within exhibition premises.

10. Do not send any booth material / literature in the name of Organizer or in the name of any member of Organizing committee at the venue.

11. Organizers will make general security arrangements. However, exhibitors will be responsible for the security of the exhibits and the stall.

12. Participants are not allowed to use hazardous chemicals or any other dangerous substance which is harmful to the exhibition premises, persons etc.

13. The organizers will ensure the availability of Movers & Packers at the venue however, the participants will have to bear the costs of loading and unloading.

14. Participants/Exhibitors are responsible to pay GST as per the prevailing rates.

15. Any verbal agreement concerning any particular rule of this contract is not valid unless is confirmed in writing.

Stall Cancellation Policy

– Stall cancelled 60 calender days or more prior to the exhibition dates will receive a refund of actual payments less the non-refundable deposit i.e. 25% of
the total booth cost.
– Stall cancelled 25 – 30 calender days or more prior to the exhibition dates will receive a refund after deducting 50% of the total booth cost.
– Stall cancelled 10 -15 calender days or more prior to the exhibition dates then no refund will be paid to exhibitor I client.

Note: Before taking the possession of stall exhibitors have to clear their outstanding balance, failing of this leads to cancellation of stall

We have read carefully all the rules and regulations of MEGAXPO2020 and hereby explicitly agree to comply with all the regulations contained
there in. We further agree to comply with such other regulations as may be modified by the exhibition authorities from time relating to
participants of MEGAXPO2020. if booking cancel will not refund booking amount.
Disputes, if any, shall be Subject to SURAT Jurisdiction.

Exhibitor Signature
( with rubber stamp )

Authorised Signatur